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Los Angeles Rams Vs. Dallas Cowboys: Live Thread

Yes. This is Los Angeles Rams football.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Los Angeles Rams football.

It's still a bit surreal. After 22 years, NFL football has returned to the second biggest city in the United States...and it's one of their two former tenants: the Rams.

I remember that 1994 preseason. The Rams had a new first-round tackle to install in Wayne Gandy, the first of seven picks in the first three rounds. Reports were strongly favoring one of the second-round picks, a technically-sound wideout from Memphis. Isaac Bruce would make good on those reports in the most spectacular way.

The Rams would go into the Week 9 bye at 3-5. They would lose their last seven games. They would move to St. Louis.

From a distance, it was foreign and strange and confusing and, held in check by a gatekeeping media, sparsely clarified.

This year has been different.

We've seen every decision, every point on the timeline overanalyzed and overdiscussed and overthrown across the social media bow.

After all that, tonight begins a new era.

Tonight, the Los Angeles Rams have been reborn.

Tonight, it begins again.