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Los Angeles Rams vs Dallas Cowboys: Bold Predictions

Finally!!! Football has returned, and that means it the return of everyone's favorite crystal ball discussion, the bold predictions, and with that how will Jared Goff look in his first action as a Ram...

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Well well well, here we are once again. The season is upon us, and football is back. The Los Angeles Rams have received more publicity than they have in the last 10 years combined this offseason, and for obvious reasons with the move back to L.A. and the trade that set them up with the number one overall pick, Jared Goff. So with the Rams set to get into action for the first time against the Dallas Cowboys in their first preseason game, what bold predictions should we be looking forward to?

Let's dive right in.

  1. Jared Goff will play two whole quarters -- the second and third, respectively -- and will shine. Goff will get a lot of clock as the Rams want to get him ready, and they already know what they have in Case Keenum. However, this is great news for Goff, as word has it, he has developed some excellent chemistry with a few guys that are not part of the starting lineup, meaning he should look really good and catch some sort of a rhythm fairly quickly, playing with the second and third team guys. Don't be surprised if Goff finishes the game 11/15 for 119 yards, and a touchdown. Expect to see him catch his rhythm with a few other rookies, players like Pharoh Cooper, Mike Thomas and Tyler Higbee.
  2. Speaking of Higbee, he will be the star of the Rams first preseason game. Higbee will catch everything thrown his way and finish the game with four receptions and 71 yards. He'll also be the recipient of Goff's lone touchdown. He's going to look like a complete beast when breaking tackles with a monster stiff arm on a defensive back as he breaks loose for a 29-yard gain, and later in the drive just go up and take the ball in the end zone.
  3. Mike Jordan and Brian Randolph will both have interceptions. With it being the first preseason game, starters will not play a lot leaving a lot of reps for the younger players. These two players will show that their ball hawk mentality that they showed in college can and will translate over to the NFL level. Though it will be Randolph that returns his interception 25 yards. The secondary will show promise and give hope with some of the young players.
  4. S Mo Alexander will have the hit of the game. This blow will come early, and will set a tone for the first team defense posing as a preview of what to expect this season. Yes, first-team defense, meaning Alexander will be a starter. This should make one faithful TST follower very happy as this will mean the Rams will have arguably the biggest safety tandem in the NFL with T.J. McDonald and Alexander.
  5. The Rams will lose the game. While the first team defense will look solid in a meaningless game, that will likely have vanilla offensive approaches from both teams. Ultimately, the Cowboys youngsters will prove to be too much, and the Rams will lose 23-16.

Yea, the Rams will lose the game, but there will be plenty of nuggets to get excited about. No doubt football is back, and now is the time for the Rams to get all their bugs out as they enter a season with arguably more pressure than they have had in the last 22 years...