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2016 Los Angeles Rams Will Wear White Uniforms At Home


2016 Los Angeles Rams white uniforms
2016 Los Angeles Rams white uniforms

Ah, uniforms. The most arbitrary, meaningless aspect of sports that IS INCREDIBLY IMPORTANT.

Today, the Los Angeles Rams have confirmed that aside from two home games in which they will wear throwback uniforms, they will wear all whites in 2016 at home:

The Rams have plenty of history. Leaning into that especially for something a visible as jersey colors is a wise move.

The dates for the throwbacks have yet to be announced, and it’s not clear how the Rams’ Week 7 “home” game in London against the New York Giants factors in.

But for fans clamoring to restore the old blue and yellow color scheme instead of the blue and gold set installed in St. Louis, the all-whites will likely be well-received.

The question will be when this look is made permanent. With the Rams soft-targeting 2019 in their new stadium to re-establish Rams football in LA, there’s no doubt the need for a permanent uniform and branding decision exists.

And if the timeline on that decision coincides with the 2019 season, we got our first indication of how the Rams are leaning tonight.