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Los Angeles Rams Training Camp: Aug. 11 Practice Recap

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Show you can win more than 7 games and maybe people won't have to read into it

Save the frustration for game day fellas.

What she said....

This sounds a lot like the 'vanilla' schemes Fisher referred to this time last year

Yet there's this.

So we're 'ramped up' and 'basic' at the same time?


I haven't seen anything new come across the ticker. Hopefully Rob Havenstein and E.J. Gaines are on the mend

Jared Goff

If he's ready, why isn't he starting?

Not sure what to make of this - except that the Rams seem keen to soak up as much media time as possible.

He's a good sport...

But has his limits like the rest of us


Why is Sensabaugh even in this conversation?