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2016 Los Angeles Rams Training Camp: August 11 Practice Live Updates

The Rams are running their last practice of the week ahead of Saturday’s preseason opener.

Los Angeles Rams RB Todd Gurley
Los Angeles Rams RB Todd Gurley
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

August 11

Practice begins at 10am PT


* - The Rams’ team website says linebackers and tight ends will sign autographs today. The pdf calendar distributed ahead of camp says linebackers and special teams. We’ve reached out to the team for clarification.

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The Rams are getting it in early today before taking tomorrow off to rest up for Saturday’s nationally-televised preseason opener against the Dallas Cowboys.

Injury Updates

CB E.J. Gaines. RT Rob Havenstein.

Nothing new to report...which is always the best report.

Jared Goff

One more tune-up for the Rams’ backup rookie franchise QB before the big debut on Saturday.

Eager to see if we get any reporting on what Goff would have to do to win the starting gig...or what Case Keenum would have to do to lose it.

Offensive Development

Will the Rams bring the Vanilla on Saturday like they did last year in the preseason? And the year before? Well yeah, obviously. But let a rookie make a big play and try not to see that stock soar...looking at you, TE Tyler Higbee.

Defensive Adjustment

Two years ago in the 2014 St. Louis Rams’ second preseason game against the Green Bay Packers, the Rams struggled to get a pass rush going with their first string against a relatively mediocre Packers O-line. Fears that production was lagging from the Rams’ vaunted D-line, stacked with new first-round rookie DT Aaron Donald, were assigned little credibility as it was a preseason contest and of little import.

The Rams would go on to notch a record low one sack in the first five games of the season.

There’s not a ton you can take away with any full dependability from the preseason, but you do get indicators.

What indicators will we get from the Rams defense on Saturday, and what blitz packages will Defensive Coordinator Gregg Williams install today that we’ll see come gametime?

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