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Random Ramsdom 8/11: Bringing Jared Goff Along Slowly...A Smart Move for the Los Angeles Rams?

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Rams Bringing Goff Along Carefully Under Bright Spotlight |  Sports Illustrated

Under the tutelage of a former Heisman Trophy winner, Jared Goff’s education in NFL offenses begins in Southern California.

Keenum Over Goff a Wise Short-Term Decision for Rams |  Pro Football Focus

While first-overall pick Jared Goff (Cal) is starting to get some first-team reps, the news isn’t entirely surprising if the Rams want to bring their franchise quarterback along slowly. Goff is going to be the Rams’ starting quarterback at some point, and it would be surprising if he didn’t take the reigns during the 2016 season at some point.

Welcome to Hard Knocks with the Los Angeles Rams |  The Ringer

"He’s gonna stick his knuckle in your asshole!" and more delightful moments

Rams Cut Player for Having Woman in Dorm |  ESPN

A fairly minor Los Angeles Rams transaction became more interesting on Tuesday when it was revealed that coach Jeff Fisher cut Deon Long after the wide receiver brought a woman into his training camp dorm.

Rams Make Their Hollywood Debut on Hard Knocks |  L.A. Times

Coach Jeff Fisher enjoys fly-fishing in Montana, quarterback Jared Goff doesn’t know the sun rises in the East and sets in the West, receiver Tavon Austin plays Pokemon Go and Deon Long, a rookie receiver, was cut for breaking team rules.

Watch Jeff Fisher Cut Nick Foles at Rams Camp (VIDEO) |  Ramblin Fan

Cuts are part of the game of football and Los Angeles Rams head coach Jeff Fisher is seen cutting backup quarterback at Rams camp on HBO’s ‘Hard Knocks’.

Gurley Could Shatter 2,000 Yard Mark and More |  USA Today

Mention a certain name, and Todd Gurley’s face lights up.

"Eric Dickerson is always going to be the best Rams running back ever — regardless," Gurley told USA TODAY Sports this week. "He was a beast, man."

Rams Working to Add Offense With Austin’s Unique Skill Set |  ESPN

He is the biggest little man on the field. He’s here, and then in a blink, there. He’s talking smack. He’s slapping backs and laughing and barking insults.

Ranking the NFL’s Top 10 Defensive Lines for 2016 |  Fox Sports

Having a stout defensive line can usually separate the good defenses from the elite ones. The front four is tasked with getting pressure on the quarterback, as well as stopping the run and plugging up running lanes. The best are outstanding at doing both, but that’s not something every team possesses.

Rams May Be the Right Fit for Coples |  L.A. Daily News

It wasn’t the equivalent of changing a chess board to a checkers board and asking a rook to leap diagonally rather move horizontally or vertically. But you can’t blame Quinton Coples for feeling a bit out a place through all the various scheme and position changes through his first three seasons with the New York Jets.

Rams Expand Ticket Sales for Preseason Game Against Cowboys |  CBS Los Angeles

The Rams are expanding the number of tickets being sold for Saturday’s exhibition game against the Cowboys — the first NFL game in Los Angeles in more than two decades — citing high demand.

Cusumano Rips Jeff Fisher (VIDEO) |  KDSK

Frank Cusumano gives his take of Jeff Fisher on “Hard Knocks.” It’s what we refer to in this biz as a “hot take.”

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