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Random Ramsdom 8/10: Hard Knocks Premieres, Cookies, Fisher Ain't Going 7-9!

Did you miss out on the first episode of Los Angeles Rams Training Camp with HBO's Hard Knocks. Fix that. The secret is out on how to stop Aaron Donald. Clayton Kershaw is rich and a neighbor we all need.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Goff takes snaps with first team offense - LA Times

He's taking baby steps by jumping in with the first team two minute offense but he appears to be on an upward trajectory.

Cookies might be the only thing to stop Aaron Donald - Yahoo

I'm not sure even the world's most delicious red velvet cookie can slow down the GOAT.

Joyner making a big impression - WiscNews

With Jenkins out and Gaines banged up, Joyner has a huge opportunity in front of him.

Donald has high hopes and praise for defensive line - ESPN

The Fearsome Foursome is a lofty aspiration. As long as he's leading the charge, its slightly possible.

Hard Knocks episode 1 Recap - TST

If you missed the show on HBO, here's just a few talking points of what happened.

Clayton Kershaw buys entire Rams team Johnnie Walker - Terez Owens

Can we all just appreciate how cool this is? What a welcome gift.

Keenum won't yield job to Goff - ESPN

Daily reminder that Goff is a rookie. Not yet ready.

Jerry Jones says Rams are on board with Boys in Cali - Herald Review

Jerry and Stan are buds. The Cowboys have been training in California for many years.

Meet Case Keenum, Starter for now - LA Times

He may be a placeholder but Goff isn't ready yet.

Should Rams add Michael Vick? - EndzoneScore

Well. What do you guys think...?

More first team reps on the way for Goff - PFT

Goff has been impressing in the two minute drill. This news of more reps isn't really surprising.

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