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2016 Los Angeles Rams Training Camp: Head Coach Jeff Fisher Interview Transcript

Here’s what coach had to say during the Rams’ second practice of 2016 training camp.

Los Angeles Rams Head Coach Jeff Fisher at Training Camp
Los Angeles Rams Head Coach Jeff Fisher at Training Camp
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Rams Head Coach Jeff Fisher

(Opening Remarks)

“Alright, day two, day two with everybody. Update on (WR) Tavon (Austin), he’s fine, he got a little dehydrated. He was cramping a little bit, so he’ll be fine. He’s not going to miss any practice, won’t miss any time. Great lesson to be learned there, I heard that, for some reason he didn’t eat lunch. Go figure. So anyway, a good message for the rest of the team. He’s doing fine, he’s having a great camp, he’s in great shape. No worries there. We released (WR) Deon Long this morning. We’ll probably bring some receivers in; we’re just trying to upgrade the bottom part of our roster. (WR) Kenny Britt was excused from practice today; he’ll be back in the swing of things tonight in meetings and tomorrow.

“Beyond that, we had a good day, a good second day. We’re installing, getting a lot more in and I thought (QB) Jared (Goff) had a good day, made some really good throws. We’re eagerly awaiting that opportunity to put the shoulder pads on so the offense can show what they’ve got, because it’s obviously a practice scenario situation where the defense typically gets the advantage before the pads go on. So the offense is looking forward to it. Tomorrow, we’re having a special teams practice; it’ll be our first practice with the shoulder pads. Then we’ll come back the next day with shoulder pads and we’ll be rolling. Questions?”

(On if this seemed more like a typical practice after all the excitement from yesterday’s first day)

“Yeah, it was great. It’s kind of what we’re hoping to get out of training camp throughout the way. It’s been great. And unfortunately, we don’t have time to get every autograph signed because players have responsibilities inside and then meal and meetings. But they’re doing the best they can. I think the offensive line is up tonight (for autographs) and some of the defensive line stayed out. But it’s a good situation for us.”

(On Alec Ogletree’s transition to middle linebacker)

“It’s been seamless. He really has a great understanding of the defense – making all the calls; he’s taking that leadership role over. He’s off to a great start. I think one of the things that’s indicative of that is what a guy does during the time off – like we talked about yesterday. He went out and he worked and he came back and had the best overall time, from a defensive standpoint, in the conditioning test. What a difference a couple years makes. I’m just really proud of him. He’s our guy in the middle.”

(On if he saw the same qualities last year that made him think Ogletree could handle the move)

“Yeah, we did. Unfortunately, the season didn’t work out the way he, and all of us hoped, because of the injury. He stayed focused throughout the rehab. He held onto the hope that he could come back, perhaps for the last game, but it just didn’t work out. I think the fact that he was around, he was rehabbing, he was studying, he was a teammate – I think it really helped him to prepare.”

(QB Jared Goff saying that QB Case Keenum is one of the best teammates he’s ever had and if camp is about team bonding)

“Well I’d like to think that it’s top-to-bottom and that’s important. And it’s important around the league, but especially important here. They have grown closer together, they’re patient but focused. So I’d like to think that they all would talk about each other like that.”

(On how CB E.J. Gaines looks coming off an injury and what he could mean to the secondary going forward)

“Well he’s done fine. He got involved towards the end of the OTAs and was coming on, making progress, worked hard, came back and he hasn’t missed a snap. We’re not giving him the number of reps, for a week or so, that he ordinarily would get, but he gives us the opportunity to have him be in a position to win that job back and compete there. In addition to that, we know that he can come inside and play in the slot, because he proved that his rookie year.”

(On integrating young guys like WR Pharoh Cooper and TE Tyler Higbee into what the team does offensively)

“We just plug them in and go. If you watch practice, they’re lining up with the 1s. That should tell you something – they’re lining up and going. They have a good feel. We’re not going to put them in to fail, but they know what to do, they’re going to get their reps.”