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Saturday Evening Open Thread, 7/9: Jeff Fisher Day, UFC 200, and 2016 Vacations

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Hey there TST fam. Hope this Saturday evening finds you well. If you’re not too busy tonight, the Open Thread is now open for biznass. Let’s chat!

The Best and Worst of Fisher

With today being 7/9 -- which some are deeming "Jeff Fisher Day" -- let’s talk about what the Rams’ head coach has accomplished during his stint with the team.

Assuming he’s got total control over personnel, what would you say are the best and worst moves Fisher has made since 2012?

They can be draft picks, free agent signings, coaching hires. Can you pick ONE best and ONE worst move?

First or Last?

Assuming you play fantasy football, in a snake format would you rather have the first pick in the draft, or the last pick?

For those who may be unfamiliar, "snake" means (in a 10-team league, for example) that the owner of the 1st pick won’t pick again until 20th.  That’s kind of a big deal. Meanwhile, the person picking 10th would get back-to-back picks.

I prefer the latter, to be honest. There’s a pretty big drop-off in perceived certainty in picks 1 and 20. Gimme the two picks at 10/11.


I’m watching the UFC 200 undercard (which is free on FS1 right now). And I’ll probably also watch the PPV thing later on...and pay the same amount I’m paying right now.

How about you?  Interested in UFC?

And if so, does Jon Jones absence in main event tonight kind of ruin it for you?


It’s Saturday evening. Surely, you’re sipping on something.

Tonight (and earlier today for that matter), I’m having a Liliko’i Kepolo from Avery Brewing, which is based out of Boulder, CO.  It’s pretty gotdamn delicious, and was very refreshing while I was out kayaking in 90+ degree temps earlier today.


I love vacationing. But when I do it I want to go big. And I suppose that’s a new(er) thing for me. I went to Cinque Terre, Italy last year and it kind of change my perspective on traveling.

I want to see those places of the world that most won’t/don’t consider. Those beautiful little nooks and crannies of Earth where most choose not to venture.

That’s not where I’m going here in a few weeks, but I’m still excited.

I’m heading out to Big Sky, Montana in two weeks.  And then I’ll be in Las Vegas two weeks after that. One is a result of my sister-in-law’s folks being gracious enough to have us at their beautiful home in Montana. The other is a work-related trip for my wife...that we’re choosing to extend.

How about you?  Have you had an awesome vacation this summer, or do you have one planned?