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Random Ramsdom: A Walk Down TST's July 9 Memory Lane, Dating Back to 2007

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Good Saturday morning to ya, Los Angeles Rams’ fans! I’ve been trying to work weekend Random Ramsdom’s into the mix lately, but trying to find "news" in mid-July can prove difficult.

So I thought I’d go a different route, and just take a walk down memory lane. I’ll admit, I’ve yet to actually do the research, but the intent here is to see what was going on with the Rams on July 9 from previous years, via TST articles.

Hopefully it’ll provide some good banter, and minimally, reflection. Either way, thanks for stopping by. Have a good weekend, Rams’ fam!

Here goes nothing...


Where’s the Slap? |  Ryan Van Bibber

Second-year defensive tackle Claude Wroten, expected to assume a significant role with the St. Louis Rams that season, faced misdemeanor charges in Louisiana and possible league scrutiny as well, following an alleged incident on the LSU campus.


Bargain Basement |  Ryan Van Bibber

The Sports Illustrated staff were asked to assemble the best all-NFL team, based on the $116M salary cap. SJ39 made the squad...due to a (just over) $2M contract.


Predicting the Rams’ Final Roster on Offense |  Ryan Van Bibber

I’m going to caution you to click this one...but we all know you’re going to. Preemptive #Yikes


Four Key Games for the Rams in 2010 |  Ryan Van Bibber

RVB predicted the Cardinals, Seahawks, at Broncos, and at Saints were the most pivotal games of the 2010 season. Remember why?  Me neither.


Rams Not Well Represented in Top 15 Players in the Division |  Ryan Van Bibber

The top five was completely absent of any players from the St. Louis Rams. More shocking to some was that Rams RB Steven Jackson failed to make the cut at all, not even among the top 15 players in the bloody NFC West.


NFL Supplemental Draft: Is Josh Gordon Worth It? |  Ryan Van Bibber

The NFL Supplemental Draft usually comes and goes with barely more than a shrug of the shoulders. Deservedly so, as in most cases the players are guys for the fringes of the roster, with a few notable exceptions. This year might feature another one of those notable exceptions in the form of former Baylor wide receiver Josh Gordon.

Can Kendricks Put His Rookie Year, and Drops, Behind Him? |  Brandon Birkhead

The tight end position is going to be an instrumental part of the St. Louis Rams offense in 2012. So important, in fact, that the Rams will have nine TEs going into Training Camp. Lance Kendricks will be the main receiving option out of this group. Brain Schottenheimer will look to use him similar to how he used Dustin Keller with the Jets.

Get to Know Rams’ rookie Isaiah Pead (VIDEO) | Ryan Van Bibber


Pead Could Learn A lot About Press Relations from Fisher |  Ryan Van Bibber

Remember that story out of Cincinnati about Isaiah Pead being miserable and spending most of his rookie seasonwith the St. Louis Rams throwing a tennis ball against the wall? Yeah, well, it turns out that was a little exaggerated, according to Isaiah Pead.

Let’s Help the 49ers Remember the Rams Forever |  Ryan Van Bibber

The 49ers are selling memorial bricks for their new stadium, which sounds like the perfect way to remind them about the team they haven't beaten in more than 550 days.


Quinn is the 13th Best Player in the NFL |  Tevin Broner

Rams’ defensive end Robert Quinn weighed in at No. 13 overall on NFL’s Top 100 list in 2014. Should he have been ranked higher?

Where’ve we heard this before?  Oh, 2016 Aaron Donald. That’s where.

WR Steve Smith says "Politics" Limited His Opportunities with Rams |  Ryan Van Bibber

The now retired receiver says he was healthy and playing well during his 2012 stint with the Rams. But something beyond his control kept him off the field.


MMQB’s Top 100 Includes One Ram, One Rams’ Owner |  3k

Peter King's MMQB is running down their top 100 most influential figureheads for the 2015 NFL season and two Rams have made the cut. Well, that's not entirely accurate.


One year ago today, the Rams used their 2016 fifth-round pick on offensive tackle Isaiah Battle (3k). Tevin then weighed in on why the Rams did so, and what he could bring to the team. And Nathan Kearns reminded us why the move should come as no surprise.


Who knows?

Any day is a good day to announce that Nick Foles has been traded, and with little concern for what the Rams received.

Maybe Tavon Austin will tight rope across the Grand Canyon.

It’s been a while since we’ve seen Kenny Britt "in action" on Instagram.

Anything could happen.