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Random Ramsdom 7 July: Rams Getting the July Hype

For a perennial 7-9 team, the Rams sure are getting a lot of hype since moving to L.A.

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Hard Knocks isn't Enough for Rams | Deadline Hollywood

The Rams will also star in "Hollywood and Football". There might end up being more cameras than players in camp this year.....

Will Gurley Lead the NFL in Rushing? | Bleacher Report

I think he has a chance, but it depends on Jared Goff's learning curve and how much help JTG gets from the rest of the offense. Pro Football focus thinks expectations are being set too high - for fantasy football at least.

Hekker Makes Top 10 NFL Feuds List | ESPN

The Rams All-World punter makes the list due to some hits in 2015 that opponents deemed 'cheap shots'.

Move to L.A. Could Intensify NFC West Rivalries | ESPN

But the best way to ratchet up a rivalry though is to just be better than 7-9. Threaten the hierarchy and teams will notice.

Which Seahawk would Improve the Rams Most? | ESPN

Given the need at FS, it's hard to agree with Wagoner. The Rams just took Goff #1 overall. I'd take Earl Thomas.

How Improved is the Cardinals Pass Rush? | ESPN

They added Chandler Jones and Robert Nkimdiche to Calias Campbell. If everything clicks, the Rams OL could have their hand's full.

Aaron Donald..... Better than J.J. Watt? | Pro Football Focus

Apologies for the article being few weeks old, but this is worth looking at again as camp approaches.

Fisher Credits Coaching Career to Buddy Ryan | Chicago

Interesting nugget here....

"I actually turned him down at first," Fisher said. "I called him back 20 minutes later and said, 'Did you give my job away?' He said no and I said, 'I'll be there.'"

Four Trade Targets for Rams | Rams Wire

Alshon Jeffery, Luke Joeckel, Dee Millner, and Darian Stewart. One would cost too much draft capital (that the Rams don't have after trading for Jared Goff), and the other three would likely not help the team significantly. I'll pass thanks.