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In Addition to Hard Knocks, Rams To Be Featured in E! Network’s “Hollywood & Football” This Fall

Hard Knocks isn’t the only show you can catch the Los Angeles Rams on this fall...

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

(Editor's note: The Rams don't prioritize winning. This news is yet another example of what they do prioritize.)

According to Variety, the Los Angeles Rams - in addition to HBO’s Hard Knocks, can be seen on a showed called "Hollywood & Football" this fall on E! Network.

It will feature six hour-long episodes later this year, coinciding with the NFL season.

Jeff Olde, EVP of E!’s programming and development had this to say about the show, which focuses on the Rams’ players and their families as they transition from St. Louis to Los Angeles:

We are excited to take viewers inside the exclusive lifestyles of these top athletes and their families as they navigate a new city, new friendships, new schools and the inevitable Hollywood gossip. E! has a track record of success with pop culture programming centered in the world of sports, and this series will capture the off the field perspective of one of football’s most anticipated and high profile events as the Rams return to L.A.

Rams’ players and wives/significant others to be featured on the show are: Kenny and Sabrina Britt, Rodger and Asia Saffold, Lance and Danielle Kendricks, Chase and Kila Reynolds, Cory and Bianca Harkey, and Bradley Marquez and his pregnant fiancee Melissa.