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Tavon Austin Rides the Greatest Wheelie Since the Ruff Ryders Anthem

Your Move, DMX
Your Move, DMX
Tavon Austin’s IG Page

Glancing at Los Angeles Rams’ wide receiver Tavon Austin’s stats won’t tell the whole tale. There aren’t many players that, with the ball in their hands, have the ability to take it to the house on any given play.

And Jeff Fisher would have you believe the best is still in store for Tavon, who could be doubling his production in 2016. That means more jaw-dropping plays, more touchdowns, and more celebrations...all things that Austin does extremely well.

You’ve probably seen one of those jaw-dropping plays...

You’ve probably seen him turning a little into a lot...

If you’re lucky, you’ve seen him put on a show and charge you absolutely nothing for it...

But what you’re about to witness can not be accomplished by the likes of Antonio Brown, Julio Jones, or Dez Bryant...


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Stop. Drop. Shut ‘em down. Open up shop.