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Random Ramsdom 7/5: Top 10 Snubs, Goff’s Fantasy Impact, & Reincarnating the Fearsome Foursome

Miss out any Los Angeles’ Rams news over the busy holiday weekend?, you did not.

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Good morning, Rams’ fans! Hopefully you had an enjoyable Independence Day/Weekend. Odds are you’re headed back to work today. And that just isn’t right. So push paperwork to the side, and let’s catch up. Actually, you didn’t miss much....but still, no need to do all that work.

Biggest Top-10 Snubs from NFL Network's Top 100 |

A case can be (and I’m sure has been) made for many players who just missed out on NFL Network’s Top 10 players list. Rams’ defensive tackle Aaron Donald was one of them. Should he have gone Top 10? Solomon Wilcots (and the rest of Earth) does.

Goff Could Be a Fantasy Upgrade Even As a Rookie |  Pro Football Focus

The top overall draft pick has the blessing of low standards with his new team, where he doesn't have to do a lot to outperform his predecessors.

Creating the All-Time Rams’ Roster: Cornerbacks |  Rams Wire

I’m positive you’ll read about Justin King in this one. Clamps? Maybe. You’ll just have to click in order to find out.

How the Rams Can Harness Their Inner Fearsome Foursome |  Today’s Pigskin

With Aaron Donald only getting better after his first two electric seasons with the now Los Angeles Rams cemented him as the head of the snake along the Rams’ defensive front, it seems fitting that there’s talk of the Fearsome Foursome reincarnating with Donald leading the way.

Three Keys to the Rams Becoming a Playoff Team |  End Zone Score

There was a time last season when many believed the Rams would be one of the NFC West teams to make the playoffs.

Is Monday Night Football Still Must-See TV? |  Cover 32 Rams

It doesn’t seem like that long ago when Monday Night Football was the way to either wrap up your football weekend, or kick off your week. These days, it doesn’t really seem like either.