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2016 Rams Roster Preview: Can WR Brian Quick Finally Tap Into His Potential?

It's Year 5 for Rams WR Brian Quick. Is it time to finally give up?

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Flashback to the 2012 NFL Draft. The St. Louis Rams trade the No. 2 overall pick to Washington in exchange for a huge bounty.

In that same draft, the Rams selected a small school receiver out of Appalachian StateBrian Quick – with the 33rd pick. Quick was initially compared to former receiver, Pro Bowler, and serial asshat Terrell Owens. The comparisons were glaring; Both have an imposing physical presence (BQ is listed at 6'3, 218 lbs. TO is listed at 6'3, 224 lbs). Both came from relatively small schools (Owens attended Chattanooga).

Quick, however, has yet to become the player Owens became at this point of his career. Quick's transition to the speed of the NFL game –even though expected to take a while – took three years. In that third year, Brian took strides to provide a glimpse of his potential. He snagged 25 catches for 375 yards and three touchdowns, before a gruesome shoulder injury ended his 2014 campaign. Upon his return in 2015, Quick was essentially a non-factor.

So the question is: will we see the emerging Brian Quick we caught a glimpse of in 2014? Or will he be another bust, another high potential pick that failed to develop?

Roster Battle

Kenny Britt and Tavon Austin are the two "designated" starters. Austin, clearly plays the slot and where ever else the Rams' brass can line him up. That leaves Britt as one of the outside receivers, with the spot opposite of him open for competition.

Quick is a peculiar situation. One would assume he is the favorite to earn that open spot. The Rams, however, brought in plenty of competition for that position with the likes of Michael Thomas (roster preview), D'haquille "Duke" Williams (roster preview), Paul McRoberts (roster preview), Marquez North (roster preview), and Nelson Spruce (roster preview) also vying for a spot on the WR corps.


Quick has had lofty expectations since he was drafted. He was supposed to be the receiver to eclipse the unreachable – unreachable for Rams pass catchers, at least – 750-yard mark, last achieved by "Big Game" Torry Holt.

Those expectations have simmered down considerably. He is now on a one-year prove it deal. He has to prove that he is the same player before the injury.

Chances of Making the Final Roster (6/10)

Quick is on a bit of a career crossroads. He either has to become one of the top three receivers on the depth chart, or he will be gone. There is no gray area.

This receiver corps has been too shitty for gray areas.