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2016 Los Angeles Rams Training Camp: July 31 Practice Live Updates

Day 2 is a go. What do we say in terms of improvement heading into the Rams’ second practice?

Los Angeles Rams HC Jeff Fisher and AHC Dave McGinnis
Los Angeles Rams HC Jeff Fisher and AHC Dave McGinnis
Photo by Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images

July 31

Practice begins at 3:30pm PT

Autographs: Offensive Line

July 30 Practice Recap

Day 2. Still two weeks and 10 more practices (including today’s) between today and the 2016 Los Angeles Rams’ first preseason game against the Dallas Cowboys.

Injury Updates

Nothing reported yesterday. Keep doing that, please.

Jared Goff

Yeah, yesterday was rough. And no, he wasn’t oblivious to that or the fact that it’s not the end of the world. Go ahead and get it all out of your system now, Jared.

Offensive Development

Perhaps the biggest question today is how much the Rams ratchet up the offensive complexity. As the install continues, let’s see if the Rams start putting in more and more intricacy with new WR Coach/Passing Game Coordinator Mike Groh getting to implement his passing system.

Defensive Adjustment

They’ve got the leg up on the offense. And we know what we’re going to get from DC Gregg Williams. The question is one of personnel. And one practice (or two or three) isn’t going to give us any long-term answers. Bear in mind, last year’s three-way battle for the starting center position lasted into September.