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2016 Los Angeles Rams Training Camp: July 30 Practice Recap

It happened...

2016 Los Angeles Rams Training Camp
2016 Los Angeles Rams Training Camp
Photo by David Welker/Getty Images

And that’s how it begins.

The 2016 Los Angeles Rams got their season preparations started today by opening up the first practice of training camp.

With the stands full of fans happy to see NFL football return to the LA area, performances were perhaps less important than proximity. Still, the major storylines will determine the rate of progress for the team throughout camp.


Day 1: Good. Day 2-∞: Do this again.

Rookie Franchise QB Jared Goff

There’s no reason to panic. It’s just a question of when there is.

When do you start worrying about Jared Goff as the Rams’ determinate of future success?


It’s day 1. Nothing to get pent up about. Good reports on rookie TE Tyler Higbee, though:


Sounds like the offense was struggling to a degree that it didn’t press the defense into action. That could be a function of the defense’s superiority.

Again, not reason to panic for Goff, the O-line and the passing game...but certainly, we need to see things get better.

Day 1 of the 2016 Los Angeles Rams training camp is in the books.

Go Rams.