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2016 Los Angeles Rams Training Camp: July 30 Practice Live Updates

It’s happening...

2016 Los Angeles Rams Training Camp
2016 Los Angeles Rams Training Camp
Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

July 30

Practice begins at 3:30pm PT
Autographs: Defensive Line

Well, here we go. For the first time in more than two decades, training camp will break for the Los Angeles Rams.

For the new readers, we’ll have an open thread like this for every practice, public and private, for fans to track the goings on at camp. Along with that, we’ll track updates to the four major storylines for the Rams at camp this season as identified in our training camp preview:

Injury Updates

This always comes first for camp. The Rams need to make it to Week 1 healthy. We’ve already got one Ram on the PUP list in starting RT Rob Havenstein. Let’s hope nobody gets added to that list today and every day as we approach the regular season.

Jared Goff

As Goff goes, so will go the Rams. He’s not the starter yet, and if he’s not for Week 1 the Rams are likely in a load of trouble. So getting him ready to take the reins of the franchise is the most important storyline as camp progresses. And as I mentioned in the training camp preview, it’s not just about Goff himself. It’s also about who he might develop an early rapport with, especially if it’s a fellow member of the Rams’ 2016 NFL Draft class.

Offensive development

The Rams finished with the worst offense in the NFL in yards gained last year. Whatever the Rams need to do to fix it, it needs to start here and now.

Defensive Adjustment

No DE Chris Long. No MLB James Laurinaitis. No CB Janoris Jenkins. No S Rodney McLeod?

No problem?

We’ll see.