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Random Ramsdom: Camp Set to Start Sans Foles, TJ Mac Returns

Rams Report!

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Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Typical coach-speak on the release of QB Nick Foles

Personally, I think waiting until the eve of camp is a dick move by Fisher, but............

Please stop talking about who 'won' the trade. Both QBs were horrible last year.

ICYMI: Tre Mason Has Some Serious Issues | Bleacher Report

His family is concerned for his mental health. Could this open the door for recently released Zac Stacy to return to the Rams?

TJ Mac Returns to the Team |

Hopefully this means that he's on his way to earning his starting gig back.

Cardinals WR Floyd Ready for Contract Year |

Is it too early to be looking at potential fits for the Rams in 2017 Free Agency?

Kaep Medically Cleared | National Football Post

Anyone else skeptical that Chip Kelly will stick with Blaine Gabbert over Kaepernick?

Rams Don't Get Much Love | Pro Football Focus

DL is ranked fourth, Gurley 6th. No other unit rated better than 27th in the NFL.

Kroenke Trolls StL Fans | Yahoo! Sports

After spending all offseason convincing the NFL that the 'Lou isn't good enough for his team, he tries to solicit merchandise sales to former season ticket holders. I don't like $tan, but you gotta admit he has some brass balls.

NFC West Looking for More Offense | SB Nation

I think Goff will win the starting gig in camp, but will it be enough?

Quinn Living Large in LA | LA Times

Glad to see the Rams DE settling in. With Chris Long departed, more of the load is bound to fall on Quinn.