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Los Angeles Rams Release QB Nick Foles Following Extended Mismanagement

The Rams extended Nick Foles. The Rams paid a huge bonus to Nick Foles. The Rams had offers for Nick Foles. The Rams release Nick Foles. Not good, Rams. Not good.

Rams QB Nick Foles
Rams QB Nick Foles
Photo by John Grieshop/Getty Images

Nick Foles has asked for and has been granted his release from the Los Angeles Rams ending what should serve as Exhibit 1A for how poorly the Rams have managed personnel at the position.

The issue is two-fold here.

One, the Rams opted for Nick Foles in lieu of Sam Bradford a year ago and even went so far as signing him on a contract extension before taking a single regular season snap. He then went on to a have a dismal season being replaced by Case Keenum who the Rams had cut the previous year. Rookie Sean Mannion, the Rams’ third-round selection from the 2015 NFL Draft, played all of seven snaps.

Clearly, the Rams have a problem identifying and developing talent at QB. That bodes very poorly for rookie franchise QB Jared Goff.

Two, the Rams played their hand poorly from a personnel management perspective. They extended Foles. They paid him a $6m roster bonus in March. They lost the leverage to trade him by selecting a QB with the #1 overall pick in the NFL Draft. And if ESPN’s Bill Barnwell is to be believed, the Rams had “offers” with an “s”.

That the Rams could have had any additional capital to work with after paying Foles what they did instead of the nothingburger they’re left holding doesn’t inspire much confidence in dealing with similar situations moving forward.

As it stands, the Rams have trimmed the QB depth chart down to Goff, Keenum and Mannion in inglorious fashion.