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Police Have Been Called To LA Rams RB Tre Mason's Home Five Times This Offseason

Tre Mason's family is concerned about his mental health, and you should be too.

Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images

According to TMZ Sports, Tre Mason isn't the most mentally stable individual. He has not been accused of hurting anyone and has NOT been arrested, but his family is "extremely concerned":

Mason's family is concerned about his mental health -- citing a string of bizarre behavior and angry outbursts ... and they're worried for his personal safety.

The Palm Beach County Sheriff's Dept. has been called to the home 5 times since March 28th -- and at least once, Mason agreed to check into a facility to resolve the situation.

Mason has struggled to find his groove in the NFL since being drafted in the third round of the 2014 NFL Draft. You could say that he's been going downhill since last offseason, but his issues have obviously intensified this offseason. Once thought of as a potential star in this offense, Rams fans need to consider the possibility that he has played his last snap for the team. And that possibility existed before this report.

His roster spot was already in question prior to this coming to light, but right now you have to be more concerned for Tre Mason the person as opposed to Tre Mason the running back. Hopefully he can right the ship before camp starts later this week, but it seems that is unlikely.

Even for the Rams, this is a potentially sad ending for a once promising player.