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Random Ramsdom: Aaron Donald and Todd Gurley Providing Promise to LA

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Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Aaron Donald is Really, Really Good

Tru Rated in Top 10 in Yards/Target in 2015 | Football Outsiders

Apparently adjusted yards per target is a thing. And Tru is good at it.

Cops Visit Tre Mason | Pro Football Talk

For the 5th time in 4 months.

NFL to Enforce Concussion Protocol | Pro Football Talk

The Rams handling of Case Keenum's concussion led to stiffer penalties - up to and including draft pick forfeiture - for violations of the concussion protocol.

Rams Head Coaching Vacancy Would Be Heavily Pursued | Pro Football Talk

If and when the Rams ever fire Fisher, the vacancy would be a hot commodity.

Rams' Secondary Significantly Falls in Rankings | Pro Football Focus

After finishing the 2015 season at #5 on a similar list, the Rams plummet to 27th after losing Rodney McLeod and Janoris Jenkins.

Gurley is the Best RB in the NFL | Sporting News

Everyone knows he's heading there, but this seems a bit premature - even for JTG.

Rams Go 1,2 in NFC Rising Stars List | Cheat Sheet

Aaron Donald and Todd Gurley top this list. Hopefully that starts reflecting in the win column soon.

Bills CB Stephen Gilmore will Play Out Contract Year |

Tru will have some competition for top CB money next offseason. And the Rams may have an alternative if Johnson's contract demands become unpalatable.