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Sunday Open Thread: FA’s Most Likely to Impress/Disappoint, and Jeff Fisher’s Hot Seat

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

What is good, Rams’ fam? Top of the Sunday mornin’ to ya! Not sure the Rams are going to be making any blockbuster trades today, so I thought I’d whip up an open thread.

Let’s get to chattin’. Have a good'un, folks.

Free Agent Signings: Most Likely to Impress/Disappoint in 2016?

The Rams didn’t make any major moves in free agency this offseason, but they made a few notable ones. Which of these three players in most likely to a) impress or b) disappoint in the upcoming year?

1) Coty Sensabaugh, 2) Quinton Coples, and 3) Dominique Easley

Who Needs to Step Up in 2016?

Can you think of one Rams player that needs to step up in a BIG way in 2016?  Whether it be stepping up to carry one facet of the team (I’m thinking Todd Gurley), or to step in a leadership role (I’m thinking Alec Ogletree), surely there’s one player the Rams are counting on to make major contributions in 2016.

Who is it?

What Are the Odds?

It seems as though every offseason, and sometimes well before it, we (as Rams’ fans) are discussing whether or not Jeff Fisher’s fanny is firmly planted in a hot seat, and if he’ll see another year as head coach of the team.

I’m of the mindset that drafting a rookie QB garnered Fisher at least another year as head coach, despite the win/loss record at the end of the 2016 season.

If the Rams finish 7-9 (or worse) this year, what are the odds he’s coaching the team this time next year?

Big Plans For Sunday?

Going for a hike? Maybe hitting the lake, ocean, or pool? Taking the Harley out for the day? BBQ-ing with the bros/fam? Wedding?

Maybe you’re just kickin’ it at the house watching some golf or Nascar.

Getting into anything exciting as the weekend draws to a close?

What’s On Tap For Sunday?

I know...I know. It’s 10am in my neck of the woods and I’m already thinking about a cold one. Sadly, for yours truly, work will get in the way of me having an adult least until later this evening.

But that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying an ice cold libation. I mean, it’s damn hot out there! Planning on throwing a few back today? Whatcha having?

I had a few Lagunitas Lil Sumpin' Sumpin’ ales last night. Dee-lish, if you haven’t had one.