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Los Angeles Rams: Predicting Tavon Austin's 2016 Season Performance

Tavon Austin posted his best NFL season in 2015. Can he top last year's output in 2016?

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Tavon Austin has about as much of a mixed crowd as anyone on the Rams roster. On one hand, you have those that believe he's a bust. On the other hand, there's those that thinks he's been very solid, and far from a bust.

Some look at his performance through three seasons and say he doesn't have a 1000 yard season recieving -- or even 800 for that matter -- and for that reason he's a bust since he was a top 10 pick. However, so much of his production -- or lack thereof -- stems from the way he is used, and not so much his inability to make plays or pick up huge chunks.

According to PFF Austin had the third highest jump of all recievers during the 2015 season in efficiency ratings. His jump of 57 slots, was only third to Marquess Wilson and Brandin Cooks, respectively.

So this begs the question; could Austin be in position for another big jump in efficiency and production?

Last summer I predicted this type of season for Austin:

Tavon Austin will finish the season with 850+ yards between rushing and receiving, and will have 8+ touchdowns total (returns included). Austin will be used as both a deep threat and change of pace "receiver". He will still get his carries, but his underneath routes will be used more to keep teams on their toes. Expect more screens. But Austin will also finally be allowed to show off his speed and go deep. Two of his eight touchdowns will be from returns, four from receiving, and two from rushing. Expect about 650 yards receiving

Through three seasons, Austin has juked, dodged, and blazed his way to the end zone 25 times. Though six have been called back, through no fault of his own. He's consistently made game changing plays, and as a player entering his fourth season with an insane amount of experience under his belt, one has to belive the game changing plays will not stop, especially considering Austin being the focal point of the passing game.

Tavon Austin 2016 Stat Prediction:

  • Recieving -- 71 rec, 719 yards, 6 TDs
  • Rushing -- 37 rush, 311 yards, 3 TDs
  • Returns -- 2 punt return TDs
  • 1030 yards from scrimmage, 1324  total yards, 11 total TDs
  • Pro Bowl alternate (as returner)