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Exclusive: Rams RB Todd Gurley On Getting Healthy, Year Two, And Adjusting To LA

We got a chance to speak with Gurley about rehabbing his knee, what he learned from his rookie year and life in LA.

Los Angeles Rams Running Back Todd Gurley Goes Head-To-Hear Against New York Jets Running Back Matt Forte In Call Of Duty: Black Ops3 To Celebrate The Launch Of Eclipse DLC Photo by Randy Shropshire/Getty Images for Activision

(Editor’s Note: TST’s own Eddie Perez had a chance to sit down with Todd Gurley for a brief interview this weekend. Thanks to Todd and his representation for making the time to speak with TST.)

You are now two years removed from the ACL injury. Plus, you had a minor toe injury at the end of last season that kept you out of the final game. You've had the whole offseason to recover, how are those two injuries coming along?

Oh I feel fantastic. The ACL is a non-issue. I've been able to strengthen my knee. Strengthen my leg. I've also been able to relax and rest more. I've been able to recover more this offseason. Last offseason it was more rehabbing and getting up to speed, so being able to rest & recover definitely helps more.

Great. Is the recovery time the only difference between last offseason and this year's?

No there's lots of differences. Being able to workout and strength areas. Focus on whatever you what to focus on, improve. That along with being able to relax & recover.

What skills and knowledge can you bring into this upcoming season from your rookie year?

Everything I learned from year one really. From watching film, knowing the game more. The game slowing down a lot more. Bringing all that together will make me better in year two.

Any favorite spots in LA?

I don't know, man, every where has been great. I can't complain. I still got to go to Venice. I've been to Santa Monica once. There's so much to do here in L.A. Whether you just want go to Disneyland, Universal Studios, or Six Flags Magic Mountain.

Do you have any favorite LA teams?

I'm an Angels guy. I like Mike Trout. Clayton Kershaw is a beast for the Dodgers. Lakers drafted Duke guy, Brandon Ingram. He's going to be really good. The Clippers are good too, with Chris Paul and J.J. Reddick.

In another interview, you mention taking Kobe's place in LA

Haha, man I was just playing.

You don't think you can be up there on that level?

Nah man, there is only one Mamba.

Of course, but there’s only one TGII too.

Haha, TG isn't going to play 20 years in the NFL.

Last but not least, I'm a huge Jordans shoes fan. What are your favorite shoes?

Well, other than the Nike Foamposites, I'm a big Jordans fan too. I like the 17's. The retro 17's.

Thank you for your time, Todd!

No problem!

Thanks to Todd and the people at Uncle Bob’s Self Storage in Torrance for making this happen.