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Random Ramsdom 7/11: Hollywood Todd Gurley, A Fantasy Football Outlook, & Training Camp Preview

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Gurley "Couldn’t Ask for a Better Quarterback" than Goff |  Fox Sports

The Los Angeles Rams will lean heavily on their youth offensively this season. And last year's rookie standout, running back Todd Gurley, admittedly is excited about this year's big-name rookie, quarterback Jared Goff.

Gurley Primed to Become L.A.’s Next Marketing Superstar |  L.A. Times

Out in the middle of Hollywood Boulevard, a handsome, smartly attired man with shoulder-length dreadlocks is running alongside the center stripe, a fashion photographer and video crew capturing every stride.

Wired: Rams’ Passing Coordinator Mike Groh (VIDEO) |  Rams’ Official Site

Follow passing coordinator and wide receiver coach Mike Groh as he is mic’d up for the sounds of Rams organized team activities.

Training Camp Preview: Rams To Rely Heavily on Rookies |

Training camp is quickly approaching, which means it's time to preview the most exciting part of the summer. Over the next month, Around The NFL's Conor Orr will break down all 32 teams and give us something to look for in late July.

Franchise Tag or Long Term Deal? Deadline Predictions |

Players hit with the franchise tag have until Friday, July 15 to work out new deals with their respective clubs or else they'll have to play the 2016 season under their one-year pacts. Will Trumaine Johnson and the Rams work out a deal?

Offseason Lowdown: Rams Fantasy Preview |  RotoWorld

Evan Silva takes an in-depth look at what the Los Angeles Rams’ offense has to offer to the fantasy football-er.

Offseason of Change for Sensabaugh |  The Herald

Former Clemson cornerback Coty Sensabaugh has had a life-changing offseason.

Chargers Joining Rams in L.A. Could Decimate Their Brand |  Today’s Pigskin

If the Oakland Raiders’ season looks headed for serious awkwardness — a prospective resurgence under the backdrop of an ugly farewell season — the San Diego Chargers’ 2016 may not lag too far behind.

Fisher Nine Losses Away From a Record He Doesn’t Want |  Today’s Pigskin

When you are one of the 38 NFL coaches that has won 100 or more regular season games, longevity plays an important part in reaching that milestone.

Is the Rams’ Defense Still Strong? |  iSportsWeb

Now, before you get up in arms defending the Los Angeles Rams defense, this examination is not meant to be an indictment of the group. Rather, there were a few offseason moves that would point at the defense being drastically different from what it looked like a few years ago

Why We Hate the Rams |  Cover 32 Seahawks

"Dirty football is what defines the Rams as a team and organization. Moving a pig to a beautiful new pen in Los Angeles doesn’t make it any less of a pig."