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New Rams QB Dylan Thompson Q&A With Garnet And Black Attack

The Rams QB situation was already muddled prior to his arrival. What does Thompson bring to the table in LA?

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier this week, the Los Angeles Rams signed former San Francisco 49ers QB Dylan Thompson. Our gracious site manager put me in contact with Sam McDowell from Garnet and Black Attack - the SBNation affiliate for the University of South Carolina - to get a feel for what type of player the Rams were getting.

I'm going to be blunt with you: prior to his signing with the Rams, I had never heard of Dylan Thompson. From someone who's covered him in the past, what type of QB are the Rams getting?

The first thing that comes to my mind about Dylan Thompson is that he's a gunslinger. He has a strong arm and isn't afraid to throw into tight windows, or even create windows with the timing of his throws. Dylan did not come to the University of South Carolina as a highly sought after recruit. However, in the 2012 and 2013 seasons he had some clutch performances. Including a 23/41 for 310 yards and 3 touchdown performance at Clemson in a 27-17 victory. He won't kill you with his legs. While he's mobile enough to create some time for himself in the pocket, he's your traditional stand in the pocket and "sling it downfield" QB.

The Rams QB situation is.....interesting. You have incumbent starter Case Keenum and an heir apparent in #1 Pick Jared Goff. Then you have Sean Mannion as the 'backup of the future' or 'developmental QB' or whatever you want to label him. With Nick Foles as good as gone, that leaves Thompson on the outside looking in from the get-go. Where do you see him fitting in LA?

I still think Thompson's ceiling as an NFL QB is as a solid #2 on the depth chart. I do think he has the opportunity to immediately win a spot on the roster and back up Jared Goff going into next year. However I do believe his most likely landing spot will be on the practice squad.

While players turn their playbooks in, the concepts stay with them after they are cut. Do you think that there's any chance that this is about getting an upper hand in the Rams-49ers rivalry?

Ha well, I'm sure there was a bit of gamesmanship going on when Dylan was signed by the Rams. While I'm sure he could help the Rams with breaking down general concepts from the 49ers playbook, teams implement new wrinkles every season. Especially so when they are taking on their rivals.

A big thanks to Sam for taking the time to answer these questions for us.