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2016 Los Angeles Rams Free Agency: How QB Dylan Thompson Fits In To The Rams' Plans

Jared Goff. Case Keenum. Sean Mannion. How does Dylan Thompson squeeze in?

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The Los Angeles Rams signed QB Dylan Thompson yesterday adding a fifth QB to the roster and muddling any clarity on the depth chart behind franchise QB and eventual starter (more to come on that front soon) Jared Goff.

Since we assessed things on the defensive tackle front last night following the signing of DT Cam Thomas, let's take a look at the QB situation to get things going today.

Jared Goff...and everybody else

Much like Aaron Donald sits alone atop the DT depth chart, Goff is the future of the Los Angeles Rams. Not much analysis needed here.


When the Rams tendered Keenum at the first-round level, it was a clear indication that they were serious about his role in their 2016 plans. A month later, the trade for the #1 overall pick of the 2016 NFL Draft suggested that role wasn't the starter role that Head Coach Jeff Fisher and General Manager Les Snead had so vocally committed to.

Forget the BS from on high.

We know Goff is headed to the top of the depth chart. We know Keenum is there right now. When Goff takes over and what role Keenum  is assigned to are the unknowns. But Keenum's status thereafter certainly depends on the biggest question mark at the position depth chart.

Sean Mannion Is Human, Exists On This Earth

What is the Rams' plan for Sean Mannion? Is he destined to be the long-term backup for Jared Goff? If so, how much longer is Keenum going to take reps from both of them atop the depth chart? And why, if that's the case, is Keenum doing so? Moreover, why didn't Mannion get more time down the stretch last season once the Rams dropped to 4-8 and out of the playoff mix?

Dylan, Dylan, Dylan, Dylan, Dylan

Where does that leave Dylan Thompson? Somewhere at the back. A camp arm. Scout team QB. A former teammate of Pharoh Cooper. Uh, insider spy for the 49ers' offensive system...

Hard Knocks fodder?

Nick Foles