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Random Ramsdom 6/7: NFL "Bans" the National Anthem Says Rumor

A rumor went around on social media stating the NFL soon planned to ban the national anthem playing, but it turned out to be false.

Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports


--- Dylan Thompson Signs with Rams ---
The Rams have signed yet another QB.

--- About the Rams Four UDFA Receivers ---
Here's a little bit of info on the Rams undrafted receivers.

--- Rams Sign Cam Thomas ---
The Rams have added yet more depth to the DL.


--- Robert Quinn Aiming to Return to Pass Rush Dominance ---
Quinn hasn't quite been what he should be lately, so let's see if that changes.

--- Puig, Goff Bury the Hatchet ---
Goff grew up a San Francisco fan, but that's changing in a hurry.

--- Rams favored in just five games ---
If lines have it predicted correctly, the Rams are in for a 5-11 season.

--- Rams Hard Knocks Trailer ---
Rams come to HBO Hard Knocks.

--- PFF Ranks Rams Roster 29th in NFL ---
The Rams are one of the least talented teams, featuring many holes.

--- Nick Foles on Borrowed Time ---
Foles is on his way out.

--- Robert Quinn Still not 100% ---
Quinn has been nagged by injuries lately.

Around the NFL

--- NFL 'Banning' National Anthem ---
A false rumor spread that the anthem would be banned.

--- Farmer Blames Browns for Manziel Situation ---
Farmer says it's the Browns' fault.

--- NFL finally moving opinion on medicinal marijuana ---
Research into the situation is finally being acknowledged.

--- Aqib Talib Shot ---
Talib was shot, but no significant long-lasting damage is thought to have occurred, fortunately.