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Los Angeles Rams Working Out UDFA QB Blake Frohnapfel

The Rams are giving a shot to the former Massachusetts QB.

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

The Los Angeles Rams are working out QB Blake Frohnapfel, a UDFA out of Massachusetts:

Frohnapfel, who transferred from Marshall to Massachusetts after the 2013 season, was as Wilson indicated in his tweet invited to tryout with the Colts about a month agoThey instead went with QB Josh Woodrum, a clipped UDFA from the New York Giants, to fill out the back of their QB depth chart.

The question is how Frohnapfel would fit into the Rams' QB plans.

Clearly, rookie QB Jared Goff has the reins in the long term and medium term. If he doesn't in the short term, that likely goes to Case Keenum who Head Coach Jeff Fisher and General Manager Les Snead backed as the starting QB from the end of the 2015 season until the trade with the Tennessee Titans for the #1 overall pick in the 2016 NFL Draft. That move pretty much undercut their public statements, though if you're still putting much stock into their public statements, nothing I can say is going to adjust your gullibility at this point.

Somewhere in the mix is Sean Manniona human being who is somewhere on this Earth per Snead.

Nick Foles, who just received a $6m bonus in March, isn't showing up to workHis head coach doesn't really mind either. Good work if you can get it.

So where does Frohnapfel fit? Who knows.

His twin brother, Eric, can at least lend him some guidance as a UDFA who clicked with the San Diego Chargers a year ago before heading off into the non-NFL world.

I guess the real question is, does the tryout suggest something amiss with a Foles-Keenum-Mannion trio at least according to the Rams' front office?