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2016 Rams Roster Preview: OL Pace Murphy Tries to Break Fisher's OL Mold

Pace Murphy, assuming he is actually a real person, is going to need a miracle to break Jeff Fisher's mean/strong mold for offensive linemen.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Pace Murphy does not have his own Wikipedia page.

This is 2016! Every potential NFLer should have their own Wiki page, yet here is Murphy, a Wiki-less fellow.

Here is my quick Wiki on him: Murphy is a 2016 class undrafted free agent left tackle from Northwestern State University. He was listed at 6-6, 295 pounds in college. That's about it.

As if being from Northwestern State University didn't sound fake enough, the added 'State' really trumps up Murphy being a man with a chip on his shoulder. Nobody has ever seen him play before since nobody has seen or heard of Northwestern State University, so he has a lot to prove.

All jokes aside, Murphy is an interesting underdog case.

Roster Battle

With five other tackles in the mix, Murphy is going to have to show a lot to earn a spot with the team. The Rams tended to carry four tackles last year, meaning at least two of the current tackles will likely not have a job in a few months.

Greg Robinson and Rob Havenstein are an easy lock for the starting spots. Darrell Williams is also more than likely to stick with the team. That leaves just one spot. But there's a twist!

Andrew Donnal is currently listed as a guard on the depth chart, but he was a tackle in college as well as last season. He can play both guard and tackle, it seems, giving the Rams the flexibility to not have to carry four true tackles if they do not want to. Even then, the Rams spent a fifth-round supplemental pick on Isaiah Battle in the 2015 offseason and kept him on the practice squad last year.


Murphy just does not fit the feel of a Jeff Fisher lineman. Fisher linemen should be mean, strong and, more than anything, clumsy. Murphy is none of those things.

He is a very clean technician who lacks the tenacity and power to thrive in the league. In fact, with his movement skills, his best shot to stick on the roster (or any roster) may be to move to center.

Chances of Making Roster (1/10)

There is simply no viable path to a roster spot for Murphy. Even if he moved to center, the Rams have a clogged depth chart there as well. His technique and movement skills may get him to slip by the first round of cuts, but he should not be expected to make the roster.