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Tuesday Evening Open Thread: Spirit Animals, Buddy Ryan, & TV Show Recommendations

Heeeeeeey buddies. Good Tuesday evening to ya! Hoping this one, as always, finds you well.  Let’s chat. That is a suggestion for some of you. It is an order for you, ryanJ87.

Who Is Your Spirit Animal?

It’s become a popular, albeit fun, thing to do on the Twitter machine the past couple of days (h/t to @TJHernandez), to identify your NFL spirit animal. The player that is a representation of you or what you want to be. Wolves or lions, something fierce, are probably what most people would like to think lies beneath the surface.

But we’re talkin’ NFL spirit animals. And it all goes back to the NFL Draft.

Year - the year in which you turned 18
Pick - the day your birthday is on spirit animal is Rob Morris, and I don’t want to play anymore.

(here’s an assist -- use Draft History to find your spirit animal)

R.I.P Buddy Ryan

There have been times where I’ve wanted Gregg Williams to treat the Rams’ offensive coordinator like this...

On a serious note though, the NFL family lost a good one today. And one that impacted Jeff Fisher in a  big way. Here’s his official statement on Ryan’s passing.

Today is a difficult day as I remember my friend and mentor, Buddy Ryan. Buddy gave me my coaching start in this league and for that I am forever grateful. His knowledge, passion for football and the love he had for his players and coaches are traits that have shaped so many careers, including my own. I will always be thankful for the time that I was privileged to spend with him. Our thoughts and prayers are with Rex and Rob and the entire Ryan family.

And we all know Fisher is known for his defensive mind (not so much the other side of the ball). But that, in some way, had to have been impacted as a result of time spent with Buddy.

I mean, just look at how this guy thinks. From one of his playbooks...Gotta love it!

...makes a lot of sense, specifically if you think about many of Fisher's draft/free agency decisions.

I Need a New TV Show...

Welp, Game of Thrones is over, and it’ll be, seemingly, an eternity before it returns. The only other thing the Mrs. and I are watching, at this point, is Bloodline (Season 2) on Netflix.

I’m taking suggestions on shows old and new. I’ve seen a bunch of the big hitters like Breaking Bad, Dexter, and The Walking Dead. I do enjoy comedies (go figure) like Seinfeld, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Parks and Rec, Chappelle Show, and the sort.

I can’t do some shows though...Mad Men? No thanks. Pretty much anything that involves being in a hospital or a government building is off limits for me. I recently tried watching The Wire...yeah, not happening.

Let’s hear ‘em. I don’t care if they’re 10 years old or fresh Summer ’16 goodness. What do I need to be watching these days?

Cake or Pie?

A tough one, eh? I’m not going to lie, I’m a big fan of cheesecake, marble cake, and cookie cake (I know, it’s just a huge cookie).

But there are some bangin’ ass pies out there too. I feel like pies are more of a ‘family’ kind of thing. Like your grandma makes a better pie than everyone else’s grandma makes the same pie. Amirite?

Which, in your opinion, is best?

Whatcha Sippin’ On?

I think I mentioned it one of the last open threads, but I’ve been doing quite a bit of kayaking/fishing this summer, and I’m loving being back on the water. But it’s hot as fugg, and I need to ensure I stay hydrated out there.

So I bought an IceMule cooler/dry bag and I’ve been stuffing it with ice cold beers. On today’s menu were a couple of local brews: Capital Trail Pale Ale (by Hardywood Park Craft Brewery- Richmond, VA) and Duckpin Pale Ale (Union Craft Brewing - Baltimore, MD).

What are you having on this fine Tuesday evening?