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Greg Cosell Weighs in on Los Angeles Rams in a Recent Fantasy Football Podcast

Greg Cosell joined John Hansen on Monday’s Fantasy Guru podcast, weighing in on all 32 teams. What did he have to say about the Los Angeles Rams?

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As it has been for several years, the main question marks surrounding the Los Angeles Rams lie on the offensive side of the football. When will the NFL Draft’s top pick, Jared Goff, take the field? And when he does, which wide receivers are going to step up and help him be successful? Can the Rams’ offensive line stay healthy, and gel as a unit?

NFL Films’ senior producer Greg Cosell (@gregcosell) joined John Hansen (@Fantasy_Guru) on his Fantasy Guru podcast on Monday, fielding questions and providing insight on all 32 teams. It was a brief segment on the Rams (starting at the 1 hour, 21 minute mark), but here are their thoughts on a few of the players and what it’ll take for them to prove successful in 2016.

Is Jared Goff the Week 1 Starter?

John: Yes. He’s the number one pick in the draft. It’s the first game in Los Angeles. I don’t know if it’s on the road or at home, but I would think unless he’s terrible in the preseason, I would think so.

Greg: I think when you draft Jared Goff number one, and your other quarterback is Case Keenum or Sean Mannion or whoever, that it’s Jared Goff. He was the number one pick in the draft.

Is Playing Tavon Austin Off of Todd Gurley the Key to Success?

John: Todd Gurley wants to catch some more passes this year. We’ll talk about Tavon Austin...we’ll see Jeff Fisher talking him up this offseason. But I’ve yet to find a coordinator who could truly utilize him. Although Greg, I will say that they did find something working off of Gurley. Did you see that on film last year?

Greg: Absolutely. Absolutely. I thought they started to really get a feel for Austin and to use him. It was a ton of jet sweeps. It was a ton of orbit action, where he goes behind the quarterback and running back. They’re really trying to get Austin involved a whole lot more, and I think they’ll continue to do that.

Biggest Concern on Offense?

Greg: The big question for this team is their O-line. And they’ve really drafted O-lineman, but it really hasn’t come together yet.

John: They used a bunch of picks on guys last year who are entering their second season. Potentially... it could be above average. I think it could be a top 15 line if all goes well. You’ve got Greg Robinson, former number one pick. You’ve got Saffold, and Havenstein’s your guy there at right tackle. I’m intrigued by the O-line. I hope that they gel quickly, and don’t hold these guys back.