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Recapping The First 40 From The TST Rams Roster Preview Series

Running down the first 40 entries from our preview of every player on the 2016 Los Angeles Rams as we head toward training camp.

Harry How/Getty Images

We're heading into the meat of our 2016 Los Angeles Rams Roster Preview series, so I thought it might be useful to recap the first 40 entries for reference when we get into training camp:

POS Player #/10* Notes
FB Zach Laskey 0 Can Laskey offer anything in special teams?
DE Morgan Fox 0 Fountain, Colorado, forever.
TE Justice Cunningham 1 Justice likely crowded out with TE turnover
TE Benson Browne 1 The Rams clearly like back-of-the-roster blocking TEs
G David Arkin 1 Arkin's likely injury depth. If he's factoring in early, we're in trouble...
K Taylor Bertolet 1 Bertolet's an emergency clause for Zuerlein. When do we consider him with legitimacy?
LB Darreon Herring 1 Dark horse for the practice squad
OT Pace Murphy 1 Wrong year for a small school O-line hopeful for the Rams
CB Troy Hill 1.5 The Rams are still flush at CB...for now
LB Matt Wells 1.5 Squeezed out with LB changeover at back of roster
RB Terrence Magee 2 Fisherball's affinity for running backs will be tested this year
LB Nicholas Grigsby 2 Outside shot if he performs well in camp
WR J.J. Worton 2 Too many other new options to consider
WR Marquez North 2.5 Camp and preseason will help sort out the WRs...
LB Zack Hodges 2.5 ..and the LBs
WR Deon Long 3 Does he have a legit shot?
WR Paul McRoberts 3 Does he have a legit shot? (Asking this of a lot of the new wideouts...)
DL Ian Seau 3 Name recognition will help him feature on Hard Knocks
OT Jordan Swindle 3 Can he jump last year's OT fill-ins?
S Jabriel Washington 3 Training camp is his ticket
LB Cory Littleton 3.5 Can he climb into meaningful preseason playing time to get a look?
S Rohan Gaines 4 SAFETY FIGHT!
RB Malcolm Brown 5 Can Brown jump Benny or Tre?
C Brian Folkerts 5 It's the right team in the right year. Can he take advantage?
TE Temarrick Hemingway 5 I'm hopeful...but I think practice squad is the likely target
WR Nelson Spruce 5 The Spruce v. Williams war will be fun to track
LB Brandon Chubb 5 Good pedigree. Will it matter?
RB Aaron Green 5 Is he in the mix with Malcolm Brown or in front of him?
OT Darrell Williams 5 Keep an eye on DW in camp
WR Duke Williams 5.5 He's being given a shot. Will he take it? (cue 8 Mile music...)
C Eric Kush 6 Like Folkerts, he's in the right situation to get a shot
S Brian Randolph 6 Would the practice squad be a disappointment?
RB Chase Reynolds 6 How long can he last as a special teams-only contributor?
CB Michael Jordan 6 The Rams didn't make many moves at CB; he's got an outside shot for 2016
WR Mike Thomas 7 Rams fans seem pretty hyped for a sixth-round WR...
S Cody Davis 8 Same boat at Chase Reynolds
LB Cameron Lynch 8 Preseason will be huge for him
S Christian Bryant 8.5 In good position heading into camp
LB Josh Forrest 8.5 Does he need the practice squad in year one?

* - These chances out of 10 to make the roster are linked to that player's roster preview piece

What do you think? Who did we get wrong? Who's too low or too high?