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Voting Opens To Select Three Classic All-Time Rams Games For YouTube

Which three games from the Rams’ history would you want to watch in their entirety?

Back in May, the NFL announced an extension of their "strategic partnership" with YouTube. As part of the multi-year renewal, the NFL announced that they would load three historic games for each franchise into YouTube.

Now the time has come for the fans to decide.

The NFL has set up a page for fans to navigate to their team’s Facebook post that offers the poll to vote for their favorite three all-time games for their team to load into YouTube.

Here’s the Rams’ post and poll:

Let’s’ take a look at those options:

January 4, 1986 - Los Angeles Rams 20, Dallas Cowboys 0 (Divisional Playoff)

Eric Dickerson explodes for 248 rushing yards

This was just before I became a Rams fan, but it’s always baffled me.

This was following Dickerson’s "disappointing" 1985 campaign in which he posted his lowest yards per game average as a Ram.

This was the Dieter Brock year, a year in which the Rams were helmed at QB by "The Birmingham Rifle," a 33-year old rookie who had spent 10 years in the Canadian Football League.

This was the largely underrated 1985 Rams defense.

A worthy nomination here, no doubt.

January 7, 1990 - Los Angeles Rams 19, New York Giants 13 (OT - Divisional Playoffs)

Flipper Anderson scores in OT

One of my earliest memories as a Rams fan.

I didn’t see Flipper head straight to the tunnel after winning the game for the Rams in overtime on Bill Parcell’s and Phil Simms’ Giants’ turf, because I did the same thing he did.

I bolted out of the room out of pure joy.

This one’s a nail-biter with the Rams down six entering the fourth quarter, but man would it be fun to have on YouTube.

January 30, 2000 - St. Louis Rams 23, Tennessee Titans 16 (Super Bowl XXXIV)

The Tackle

Well, yeah.

January 27, 2002 - St. Louis Rams 29, Philadelphia Eagles 24 (NFC Championship)

Marshall runs rampant

This one really shouldn’t have been close.

The defense kept Donovan McNabb in check. The Rams didn’t turn the ball over. And Marshall Faulk ran for 150+ on 30+ carries.

But it took a comprehensive effort to hold off a gamely Eagles team that was just getting going in what would be their second playoff run out of nine in an 11-year span.

January 8, 2005 - St. Louis Rams 27, Seattle Seahawks 20 (Wild Card Playoffs)

8-8 underdogs get playoff win

The 2004 NFL season saw two 8-8 teams from the NFC make the playoffs, one of which was the St. Louis Rams. With the Greatest Show On Turf at an end, the 2004 Rams became the first 8-8 team to win a playoff game by beating the Seahawks for a third time that year.

After squandering a 14-3 lead, Marc Bulger’s pass to Cam Cleeland just in front of the 2-minute warning helped seal the win.

It’s the Rams’ last playoff win, but I’m not sure this one’s up to par with the other options.

So which three get your vote?