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Random Thursday Open Thread, June 23

Hi, I’m Brandon. Let’s chat!

Gooooooood evening, Rams’ fans. Hoping this Thursday evening finds you well. I’ve been a hell of a lot busier lately than I’d care to be, but I had a few spare moments this evening, so I thought I’d catch up with some of the TST faithful.

How ya livin’? How’s life treatin’ ya? Talk to me.

If You Were Building an NFL Team Around One Current Player, Who Would It Be?

Aaron Donald and Todd Gurley are great and all, but if you were hoping to field a team of perennial deep-playoff/Super Bowl contenders, which ONE current NFL player are you building around?

Who Was the NFL’s Top Draft Pick the Year in Which You Graduated from High School?

I’m borrowing this one from a guy I follow on Twitter, but it seems an intriguing question. I’ll also borrow this graphic from, supposing it helps, dating back to the year in which I was birthed.

If You Could Add One Former Rams’ Player to the Current Roster, Who Would It Be?

Toughie. I know. Pick one player from ANY Rams’ team ever, and bolster the Rams’ 2016 roster.

If You Could Retire Right Now...

A co-worker mentioned this article to me yesterday, which highlights EIGHT places on this planet (Earth, ICYMI), where you can for 30 years...with only $200,000 in retirement savings.

I’m considering never working another second, and these are the options:  1) Ecuador, 2) Nicaragua, 3) Thailand, 4) Belize, 5) Panama, 6) Costa Rica, 7) Malaysia, 8) Spain.

A 9th option could potentially be "work 30 more years," though it doesn’t sound all that enticing. And I’ve been to two of those eight places, and the thought of living there doesn’t sound all that off-putting.

If you could call it quits tomorrow and pick one of those eight spots to hang your hat in easy livin’ retirement, which spot would you pick?

Whatcha Sippin’ On This Evening?

I sure you hope you’re not going to make me drink alone!  My wife got me a "drink of the month" kind of thing for my birthday, from a company called Saloon Box. You answer some brief questions about the kind of libations you typically enjoy, they pick a few you might like, and then they send you the recipes and all the stuff necessary to make a pair of two different drinks each month.

So here’s what I’ll be working with this evening.

What are you ladies and gents sippin’ on this evening?

Errythang Else

It’s an open thread, so we can talk about whatever.

Is a hot dog a sandwich?

Is love on the rocks?

I think sports, save for baseball and Nascar, are dead.  Whatcha watchin’ tonight?

Got any big plans this weekend?

...take a seat on the couch. Get comfy. Let’s chat.