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NFL Top 100: Los Angeles Rams RB Todd Gurley Comes In At #22

JTG is the first Rams to crack the NFL Top 100 for 2016

Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images

The NFL is in the midst of releasing their top 100 players for 2016 as voted on by the players, and last night saw the first member of the Los Angeles Rams make the list: RB Todd Gurley.

Gurley comes in at #22 after an Offensive Rookie of the Year-winning season, and from an individual standpoint, it's tough to argue against. His first four starts are in the record books and should be for some time.

He's a great talent, and it's exciting to think what could be coming for him in his young career.

But you know damn well I'ma say it.

To have be top rookie on the NFL 100 (again) voted on by his peers and to come in at #22 overall, the second-highest ever rookie on the list...and still have the worst offense in the NFL should tell you how limited the running back position is in the modern age. And no, it's not his fault.

The real question is if those other factors that held the Rams' offense back in spite of Gurley's output will improve in 2016 or if they will hamper Gurley's development as an NFL running back. If the offense sputters again, it's likely unfair to expect Gurley to make an individual jump in production without sufficient support.

That may be the biggest indictment of all of the Rams' Fisherball offense - the potential to waste the early years of Todd Gurley's NFL career.