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2016 Rams Roster Preview: C Demetrius Rhaney Riding Personnel Inaction

The Rams went into 2015 with a three-way competition at center. Rhaney, albeit as the backup, survived the cut that left Barrett Jones out in the cold. Without any changes to the center position this offseason, Rhaney might benefit most from the front office's inaction.

Scott Rovak-USA TODAY Sports

Just last year, center Demetrius Rhaney was entrenched in a battle with Tim Barnes and Barrett Jones for the Rams' starting center job. Flash forward a year, Jones is long gone – now with the Philadelphia Eagles – and Barnes has dug in as the starter. That leaves Rhaney – the Rams' 2014 seventh round pick out of Tennessee State – as the back up center and depth along the interior of the offensive line.

Roster Battle

With the center job clearly in Barnes' hands, Rhaney is going up against Brian Folkerts and Eric Kush (roster previews here & here, respectively) for the back up center job. Bluntly, neither Kush or Folkerts have an edge. Rhaney has the advantage of being drafted by the team. Kush is coming to the Rams after two seasons with Kansas City and one with Tampa, Folkerts came in midway through last season off of the 49ers practice squad.

Rhaney, like mentioned above, is depth along the interior of the line. He is set to also play guard. Ya know head coach Jeff Fisher loves versatility along the trenches.


Ideally, Rhaney would push Tim Barnes for the starting center position. Barnes is unspectacular, at best. Rhaney, however, has not been able to supplant Barnes – for whatever reason that might be. With that said, expect Demetrius to line up all along the inside of the offensive line.

Chances of Making Final Roster (8/10)

Demetrius is solid depth along the interior line. He is athletic, and has familiarity with the team. At worst, he is depth along an offensive line with injury concerns.