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2016 NFL Odds: LA Rams Favored In Just Five Regular Season Games

No matter which odds you're looking at for 2016, they're not very flattering for the Rams' first season since returning to Los Angeles.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The odds coming from the major bookmakers just aren't painting a rosy picture for the 2016 Los Angeles Rams.

The Rams are among the longest shots to win Super Bowl LI. The over/under has the Rams pegged for more mediocrity. And the odds for winning the division are hardly inspiring.

Now we've got a set of individual odds for each game in the schedule courtesy of Las Vegas' Cantor Tech (odds for Week 17 are not included):

Wk Opponent H/A Spread
1 San Francisco 49ers
A -2
2 Seattle Seahawks
H +4
3 Tampa Bay Buccaneers
A +1
4 Arizona Cardinals
A +7
5 Buffalo Bills
H -1
6 Detroit Lions
A +1.5
7 New York Giants
H* Pick
9 Carolina Panthers
H +3.5
10 New York Jets
A +4
11 Miami Dolphins
H -2
12 New Orleans Saints
A +1.5
13 New England Patriots
A +9
14 Atlanta Falcons
H -3
15 Seattle Seahawks
A +10
16 San Francisco 49ers
H -5.5
17 Arizona Cardinals

* - The Rams' game against the Giants will be played in London, England, October 23

That's just five games in which the Rams are favored to win, four of which are at home. Against the Seahawks in Week 2 and the Panthers in Week 9, the Rams are actually home underdogs.

What's most worrisome to me is the odds stacking up to support one of the least enjoyable aspects of Fisherball: slow starts to the season. The Rams are favored in just two of their first seven games.

More difficult to stomach? The Rams are listed as a pick 'em for the game against the Giants in London. I'd guess that were that game in LA, the Rams would be favored...but as I've said, winning isn't the highest priority for this franchise right now especially if you sacrifice the odds of winning in favor of expanding the brand overseas. Still, it's not all that fun to be reminded of especially in such blatant, quantified terms.

I do wonder what the spread would have been for Week 17 in the rematch against the Cards. There's a 2.5-point difference between the two Niners games and a 6-point difference between the Seahawks matchups. I doubt the Rams would be favored in Week 17 nonetheless.

As it stands, the Rams will have to defy the odds and their recent history under Head Coach Jeff Fisher if they're to post their first winning season since 2003.