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2016 Rams Roster Preview: DE Morgan Fox Aiming For Underdog Role

Morgan Fox is the ultimate small school UDFA. Can he be the breakout star of the 2016 preseason and make the Rams' 53-man roster?

People are proud of the diversity and relative tranquility of Fountain, a satellite of Colorado Springs, seven miles away. They are delighted with the new businesses, the new schools, the low taxes. Not surprisingly, though, the pace of change has unsettled the town's residents. Over and over, they suggested items to symbolize what they saw as troubling national currents that were eddying into their valley.

At Aragon Elementary School on Main Street, several fourth graders were strongly of the opinion that the movie "Titanic" should be preserved for all time, along with a toothbrush, a Broncos shirt and a rabbit's foot. ''It would show that we're superstitious,'' explained Shayne Hulce. And why are we? "Because bad things happen to people."


Down the road, at the super Wal-Mart on Highway 85, more than two dozen workers in their blue vests and name badges gathered one afternoon in a windowless training room. At 209,000 square feet, the store is the largest of its kind in Colorado; in sporting goods, Rick Williams sells more earthworms than any other Wal-Mart employee in the nation -- up to 350 cartons a week.

That's from a New York Times piece from December 5, 1999, describing Fountain, Colorado, a town of about 25,000 people.

In 1888, a freight train carrying 18 tons of explosives collided with a passenger train in Fountain, destroying a nearby church, a grocery store and creating a large crater in the ground forty feet in diameter and fifteen feet deep. "The Blast" as it is known is celebrated in Fountain every July with a street dance. The 2012 Main Street Blast Dance in Fountain included "music by Phat Daddy, fun activities for the kids, live show from the Gold Canyon Gunfighters, fashion show and performances throughout the evening."

Morgan Fox grew up in Fountain.

Fox excelled on the football field but didn't get much attention coming from tiny Fountain, a town known for selling more earthworms in its Wal-Mart than any other town in America, a town known for celebrating the biggest man-made disaster in its history.

Fox attended nearby Colorado State Universtiy-Pueblo and played for the school's Thunderwolves in Division II.

Fox continued to improve at his defensive end position through his impressive 2015 season in which he set the school record for sacks in a season (17) and career (36).

Fox, he of earthworm and disaster dancing heritage, is now an undrafted free agent on the Los Angeles Rams' roster trying to carve out an NFL career.

Roster Battle

There's just not much going on here at the bottom.

Robert Quinn, Eugene Sims and William Hayes take up the first three spots. Newly signed Quinton Coples and 2015 longshot Matt Longacre fill in the depth...which leaves Fox...welp.


Dance. Dance like nobody's watching.

Chances of Making Final Roster: 0/10

For the first time in TST history, I'm assigning a 0/10 on someone's chances to make the 53-man roster. It pains me to do so. I love a good small town and the underdog story...I mean, it's just not going to happen.

Dance on your own, Morgan Fox. Dance and never look back.