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Congratulations, Johnny Hekker! You’re the Los Angeles Rams’ Social Media Star!!!

Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

Los Angeles RamsJohnny Hekker, first and foremost, is known for being the best punter on the planet. But when he’s not kicking it on the football field, he often kicks it on Twitter.

ESPN recently ranked the "social media star" for all 32 NFL teams. Nick Wagoner weighed in for the Rams, rightfully giving the honor to Hekker...

Before the Rams released Chris Long, this was a close race between Hekker and Long. But with Long now in New England, Hekker claims the throne. He's funny, insightful and willing to engage his followers on a consistent basis. The two-time Pro Bowler has amassed quite a cult following thanks to witty tweets like the one below, referencing the team trading up to No. 1 overall in the draft.

Let’s first give credit where it’s due. Chris Long is hilarious. Regardless of your stance on him as a football player, Chris is down to Earth and easily one of the funniest follows in NFL twitter. When not being humorous simply for the sake of doing it, La Flama Blanca regularly roasts his trolls, which is always enjoyable.

But Wagoner is right. The crown now belongs to Johnny, who, if you’re not already, should be followed here. His timeline speaks for itself. Let’s cross our fingers for heaping helpings of Hekker this fall when the HBO series Hard Knocks kicks off.

Hekker needs a new comedic rival though. And all indications are that the number one contender to challenge him is William Hayes. Sadly, however, Hayes doesn’t Twitter. Someone make this man log in!

But, should you decide to one day Twitter, watch your back, Big Will...