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2016 Rams Roster Preview: RB Terrence Magee Spices Up Running Back Competition

Terrence Magee is Jeff Fisher type running back, but he may not be talented enough to win the battle for a depth spot.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Terrence Magee had a wild ride along the "active roster roller coaster" as a rookie last season. As apart of the Baltimore Ravens organization, he was constantly being rotated between the active roster and the practice squad. Ultimately, the Ravens cut him in May of 2016.

As a professional, Magee has just two carries that went for a grand total of five yards. Magee managed to gain 742 yards from scrimmage during his senior year at LSU, though. He was also behind a superior talent at LSU. Until his senior year, Magee was the spell back mostly to Jeremy Hill. Leonard Fournette then stole the show in 2014 despite being a true freshman.

Magee's lack of production was not necessarily an indictment of his talents, he was just always behind runners who were also future NFL players.

Roster Battle

The Rams had as many as five running backs on the 53-man roster at times last season. There is a lot of room for competition behind Todd Gurley and Tre Mason. Benny Cunningham, who also has value as a returner, should also make the roster once again.

The real competition begins after those three. Chase Reynolds and Malcolm Brown were both with the team last year, but neither of them made it beyond the third spot on the depth chart. Zach Laskey was also with the team last year, though largely as a practice squad player. The final competitor for Magee is undrafted rookie Aaron Green, who showed a lot of shiftiness and creativity at TCU last season.

Realistically, there are one or two roster spots open to competition, depending on whether the team wants to carry four or five running backs.


Magee has a downhill running style that good ole Jeff Fisher will admire. The problem with that, in Magee's case, is that the Rams may already have enough of that. Both Gurley and Mason, though elusive in the open field, have downhill running styles and they are not afraid to go full steam ahead into the defense. In Magee's defense, he does have value as a pass catcher and could be a viable third down back, if the occasion were to arise.

Chances of Making Roster (2/10)

If the Rams roll with five running backs off the bat, Magee has a real chance to fight for that fifth spot with Reynolds, Brown and Green. One of those other three are much more likely to earn the fourth spot over him, though. Magee is a great addition early on in the offseason to provide quality competition, but he does not have the athleticism or dynamism to earn a roster spot over some of the other guys that the Rams have in camp right now.