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Sunday Open Thread: NHL Finals, NBA Finals, Copa America, and Your Plans Today

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Ayyyyeeee Rams’ fans. How goes it on this fine Sunday morning? Hoping this one finds you well.

The Rams have the weekend off and, in all likelihood, you do too. So whatcha getting into?  The weather’s beautiful in the D.C. area, so I’m hoping to get outside.  I scooped up a new kayak (Ocean Kayak Trident 11) yesterday, and went out for my maiden voyage a few hours later. I’ll probably take her back out today.  Maybe this time, I’ll catch one of those fish thingies that I’m told live in the water.

Copa America/UEFA Euro 2016

I’m guessing many don’t watch soccer regularly. Whether it MLS, Premier League, or any of the other soccer leagues, it’s probably not must-see TV for most. But do you watch when the U.S. international team plays?

The ‘Mericans beat Paraguay 1-0 last night, despite being down a man for the majority of the match.

In Copa America, it looks like Ecuador and Haiti play later this evening, followed by Brazil/Peru in the late game.

In UEFA Euro 2016, Croatia just bested Turkey by a score of 1-0, and we’ve got Poland/Northern Ireland coming up soon, followed by Germany/Ukraine later this evening.

You watching any of it?

NHL Finals

The Penguins, who are the worst collective group of individuals on the planet aside from the Seahawks, are one game away from beating the Sharks for the Stanley Cup. The game is in San Jose, so I’m pulling for the home team.

Can the Sharks take it to a game 7, or are the Penguins wrapping up the series on the road tonight?

Can ‘Bron Keep the Cavs Alive?

I’m over the Warriors. I want them to lose so badly, and I just don’t think they will. I’m pulling for Lebron and the Cavs tomorrow, but winning three straight seems about as impossible as it gets.

I saw the Red Sox do it to the Yankees once, and that was awesome. Go ‘Bron!

Big Plans Today?

Maybe you don’t have time for TV, or just don’t want to sit in front of the boob tube. Whatcha got going on outside the homestead today?

Have a good'un, TST fam!