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2016 Rams Roster Preview: OG David Arkin Fights for Permanent Spot with Rams

David Arkin may try his hand at every position along the offensive line, but it is unlikely that he has a home at any of them.

Brad Barr-USA TODAY Sports

David Arkin has traveled coast-to-coast in his quest to find a permanent roster. He was drafted by the Dallas Cowboys in the 2011 draft as a hybrid guard/tackle and was only ever activated due to an injury suffered by Gosder Cherilus. After being cut by the Cowboys and moved to their practice squad for a short stint, Arkin bounced around between Miami, Seattle, Indianapolis and finally St. Louis.

Coming out of Missouri State, Arkin was an intriguing player. He appeared the have the physical tools and enough athleticism. Technique was not his strong suit, but being a mid round pick, he would have had time to develop those things and possibly turn himself into an adequate lineman. Five years later, Arkin has yet to do that and is fighting for a spot on a team looking for a fresh start.

Roster Battle

Lucky for Arkin, the Rams tend to carry a lot of linemen. There were times where the team had 10 active linemen last season. That is certainly not the goal for the team this time around, though. The goal should be to keep just eight or nine active linemen, but then again, Fisher loves his big men.

Of course, the starting five that started Week 1 last season will retain their jobs. Garrett Reynolds and Andrew Donnal will surely keep their roster spots, too. Both of them played a fair amount last season and proved they could be fine players off the bench. Cody Wichmann, another guard, should hold his position on the roster instead of Arkin, as well. All three of these players are guards, one of which, Donnal, can also play tackle.

At tackle, Isaiah Battle and Darrell Williams are the main two competitors for a roster spot. At least one of them will make the roster again this year. Assuming all of the guards and at least one of the tackles make the roster again, that puts the Rams at nine offensive linemen.


Arkin is a tweener and is going to have to show his versatility across the board to prove his worth. He came out of college as a guard/tackle, then the Cowboys tried him at center. He has some level of experience at every position group along the offensive line, while other players on the roster do not. If he really wants to make the roster, he should focus his snaps at center, but he did not necessarily play well there for Dallas and it's unlikely that he has gotten considerably better since.

Chances of Making Final Roster (1/10)

In theory, Arkin's versatility should give him an edge, but he just doesn't execute. The Rams are returning a lot of players from last year, many of whom saw time due to injuries to the starting five. Barring camp injury, Arkin shouldn't make the squad.