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Rams Defensive Line Ranks Among NFL's Scariest Units

The Rams have assembled an incredibly talented DL. How does it stack up against the NFL's best units?

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

It's no secret that the Los Angeles Rams enjoy stockpiling talent along the defensive line. While the unit saw it's number of first rounders drop after the Chris Long and Nick Fairley departures, they added another in free agency when they signed former Jets first round pick Quentin Coples.

The sad part about this unit is that we're still talking about how many first round draft picks they have instead of how dominant they have. Don't misinterpret that as me bashing them - but it's clear that there is room for growth after the Rams finished 11th in the NFL in sacks in 2015 with 41. That's good, but doesn't live up to the hype this unit has generated.

That being said, they still get respect around NFL circles. A year after checking in at #3 on the 2014 list of 'scariest position groups', they drop to 9th in 2016. It's fair for the Rams to drop after losing two key contributors this offseason. But what's more telling for me is the groups that are listed above them.

While the Rams are the top defensive line listed, they are beaten out by the 'pass rushers' of the Oakland Raiders and Denver Broncos - which is fair given the premium talent on those groups as well. Hard to beat guys like Demarcus Ware, Von Miller, and Khalil Mack - even when you have Aaron Donald and Robert Quinn.

I think it's awesome that the Rams DL is again ranked among the NFL's best units, but I question whether they still have the potential to take the next step to land among the truly great units in the NFL.