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Philadelphia Eagles QB Sam Bradford Returns To Team Activities

The Sam Bradford saga drags on. What does it mean for Los Angeles Rams QB Nick Foles?

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

The saga between the Philadelphia Eagles and QB Sam Bradford continues.

Today, Bradford returned to the team to take part in their voluntary workouts as part of Phase II of the NFL's Offseason Program. What's making more waves, though, was the brief statement put out by ESPN's Adam Schefter on Facebook:

I'm excited to be back on the field today with my teammates and coaches. The business-side of football is sometimes a necessary consideration. My attention and efforts are focused on the participation in and preparation for a championship season: I am committed to my teammates and the Eagles organization for nothing less.

It is what it isBradford signed a hefty two-year deal back in early MarchThe Eagles then traded to grab the #2 pick in the 2016 NFL Draft to take on the sloppy seconds behind the Los Angeles Rams who had traded up for the #1 pick. Bradford, sensing accurately that the Eagles' trade suggested he wasn't all that firmly entrenched in their long-term plans, then pushed to get traded to another team where he might have a shot at some long-term entrenchment.

It didn't happen.

Bradford is stuck with his current employer now that the 2016 NFL Draft is over with his only real option to make the best of his current situation until the trade market heats up with either some slipping veteran in-play through the offseason and toward the preseason or, and this is always the bigger factor, with injuries affecting depth charts around the league.

What makes this more relevant for Rams fans isn't just that Bradford is their former #1 overall pick and therefore a cautionary tale for new rookie QB Jared Goff; it's also the player the Rams received in the Bradford trade: Nick Foles.

Foles remains stuck likely at the fourth position on the Rams' QB depth chart behind long-term solution Goff, short-term solution Case Keenum and who-knows-what-solution Sean Mannion. So while we can hope for some kind of third-tier draft capital in return for Foles in a straight-up deal, the reality is that the market just won't value him that highly.

Again...we're talking about a fourth-string QB, one that was significantly valued lower than Bradford just one year ago.

So keep an eye on the drama in Philly with Sammy B. It's the biggest domino that needs to fall if the Rams are going to get anything for Foles this offseason.