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Random Ramsdom 5/6/16: Legalities and Numbers

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The Rams announce 19 Undrafted Free Agents signed and jersey numbers for the draftees.

Rams Sign 19 Undrafted Free Agents | ESPN

Rams sign 19 undrafted free agents, including the late Junior Seau's nephew.

Tyler Higbee Pleads Not Guilty to Assault Case | USA Today

Rams 4th Round Pick pleads not guilty to assault case.  Set to go back to court on June 17th.

Expectations Run High for Goff | Los Angeles Daily News

Goff has heavy expectations as he prepares for Rams' rookie minicamp.

Kroenke is a QB Whisperer | USA Today

Kroenke has had a history of helping to select QB's including Kurt Warner.

Where's the Beef? | ESPN

Rams must be wary of beef in Mexico and China due to supplement concern.  Ironic as they will likely play in those two countries very soon.

Rams Rookies Pick Their Numbers | ESPN

Goff keeps his number 16.  Pays respect to Joe Montana.  Higbee wants Cook's number and Mike Smith gets #13.

From Receiver to Linebacker, Welcome Josh Forrest | ESPN

Josh Forrest started this college career as a receiver to only blossom to a 250-lb linebacker.