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Random Ramsdom 5/31: Todd Gurley Gets A Carl's Jr. Ad

You heard it here first.


--- Jared Goff and Rams Teammates Will be Bonding at OTAs ---
Goff has a good chance to get to know some of his teammates.

--- LA Rams Enter Final Phase of Offseason ---
Believe it or not, the regular season is a little more than three months off.


--- Rams Must Still Address Holes on Defense ---
The Rams' offense isn't pretty, but the defense isn't top-notch and flawless either.

--- Gurley Adds Carls Jr to Endorsement List ---
RB Todd Gurley capitalizes on the SoCal relocation and lands himself an ad.

--- Can Pharoh Cooper Be the Next Tavon Austin? ---
Well, for one, he's a lot slower...

--- Notable Players Who Could be Cut Before the NFL Season ---
In my mind, Nick Foles has a high chance to be cut.

--- Rookies Learn Off-the-Field Etiquette ---
The rookies learn how to act without "looking like idiots" off the field.

Around the NFL

--- NFL's Top 10 Corners ---
Any Rams?

--- Owners Weigh in On Las Vegas ---
Many owners seem to approve of the Raiders move.

--- Johnny Manziel Missing ---
One of the game's loudest men has fell silent.

--- NFL Rookies Use Draft Slide as Motivation ---
And some, like in Khalil Mack's case, use their ratings in video games as motivation. Whatever gets the job done.