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Random Ramsdom 5/3: Rams Maximize Minimal Draft Capital

The Rams entered the 2016 NFL Draft with minimal picks beyond the first overall spot, but they exited the draft with some players that should contribute to the team.

Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports


--- LA Rams Begin Phase 2 of Offseason ---
The Rams have moved passed the draft and must now begin on-field preparations.

--- Rams Pick up 5th Year Options on Austin, Ogletree ---
Tavon Austin and Ogletree will have at least an extra year with the Rams.


--- Relive Rams Draft Party ---
The draft was only a few days ago, but let's relive it.

--- On the Phone with Rams Draft Picks ---
Here are some phone calls with Rams picks.

--- Rams Plans for Jared Goff ---
Will he start right away?

--- Pass or Fail? Rams Draft Grades ---
Though the Rams gave up lots of capital to get Goff, they did alright elsewhere.

--- Havelock Standout Pharoh Cooper Drafted by Rams ---
Ironically, it seems his high school team was also the Rams.

--- 2016 Rams Draft Analysis ---
ESPN breaks down the Rams' draft.

--- Rams Draft Draws Positive Reviews ---
Overall, the draft has received more applause than criticism.


--- LA Rams 53 Man Roster Prediction ---
Here's who's in line to make the team.

--- Jim Everrett Offers Advice to Goff About Pressure ---
Goff has a big task ahead of him, and here's how a former QB recommends dealing with that.

Around the NFL

--- Bong Video Overshadows Other Questionable Characters at Draft ---
Though certainly not of the worst character, Laremy Tunsil has suffered the most criticism and/or attention.

--- Each Team's Best UDFA ---
Here are some UDFA's we may hear about in the future.

--- 20 Veterans Hurt by 2016 Draft ---
Among them, many quarterbacks; however, others such as Demarco Murray also took a hit.

--- Former Players Reveal How they Spent First Paycheck ---
Did they buy a car? A house? A cheeseburger? Find out.