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The TST 2016 Los Angeles Rams 90 For 90 Roster Preview Series

Here we go. The initial previews of the 2016 Los Angeles Rams begins...

Harry How/Getty Images

We're back around to the beginning again.

Coming next week, we'll be kicking off the 2016 Los Angeles Rams Roster Preview Series looking at every single player on the roster and evaluating each in three areas after offering our brief thoughts on the player overall: what should be expected of them in 2016, what kind of a roster battle they are likely facing and their odds of making the final 53-man roster.

You can find last year's roster preview series here.

We'll be working our way up the depth chart starting with this year's undrafted free agents and the holdovers from 2015 before finishing with the top names that will take most of the headlines this season...for good or for bad.

Here's who will be coming up in the first group of previews:

Last First POS
Arkin David G
Bertolet Taylor K
Chubb Brandon LB
Coulter Kain WR
Fox Morgan DL
Gaines Rohan DB
Green Aaron RB
Grigsby Nick LB
Herring Darreon LB
Hill Troy CB
Hodges Zack LB
Jordan Mike DB
Littleton Cory LB
Lomax Jordan DB
Long Deon WR
McRoberts Paul WR
Murphy Pace OL
Seau Ian DL
Swindle Jordan OL
Washington Jabriel DB
Wells Matt LB
Williams Darrell OT
Worton J.J. WR

So stick with us as we plod through the roster over these next several weeks. We'll have normal content as well reacting to the internets, covering hard news, etc.

So while we head into OTAs and then the dark abyss before re-surfacing, stay tuned to TST.